Foshan Shunde Longjiawei Motor Industry Co., Ltd

Longjia Motor, Turning The World

Founded in 1988, Longjia Motor is a high-quality enterprise driven by scientific and technological innovation. It has won the provincial high-tech enterprise and provincial high-tech product certificate. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating the design, development and professional production of AC and DC motors, synchronous motors, asynchronous motors, series excited motors and brushless motors. Its products are sold all over the country and are exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, The product quality is in the forefront of the industry. The company has a strong design and development capability. It has established a research and development center and set up laboratories to conduct type tests on new products. Over the years, we have designed and developed more than 200 varieties of S, F, ZYT, HC, YJF, YY and other series of motors, serving the global small household appliance industry. It is suitable for the motor heart configuration of smart home appliances, smart homes, smart cars, automated office systems, kitchen small household appliances, photographic equipment and other products, with excellent electric performance, reasonable structure, low noise, high energy efficiency, beautiful appearance, safety and reliability. The products have passed UL, CE, CSA, PSE, CCC, ROHS and other certifications, as well as ISO9001: 2015 international quality management system certification.


The company always pays attention to customers, takes the interests of customers as its responsibility, and provides high-quality services for customers' design and development. The quality policy is "pragmatic innovation, excellence, quality and customer satisfaction"; Take "scientific and technological innovation, independent research and development" as the leading role; The goal is "craftsman spirit, pursuit of excellence". With a pragmatic and enterprising working attitude and innovative ideas, we are committed to improving our products, winning the trust of the market and customers with excellent quality, and winning customer satisfaction with perfect products and high-quality services.

1989 Year

Incorporated in


Plant area

5000 Wan

Annual output DC motor

500 Wan

Annual output AC motor

10000 Wan

Annual output value