Foshan Shunde Longjiawei Motor Industry Co., Ltd

1989 Year

Incorporated in


Plant area

5000 Wan

Annual output DC motor

500 Wan

Annual output AC motor

10000 Wan

Annual output value



Our Advantages

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    Product Advantages

    Independent research and development, independent production, more guaranteed quality, more affordable value, and more timely service.
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    Brand Advantages

    Founded in May 1989, the company is a Sino foreign joint venture specialized in micro motors
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    Technical Advantages

    Strictly control the process of design, procurement, production, inspection and service
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    Service Experience

    The company always pays attention to customers, takes the interests of customers as its own responsibility, and provides services for customer design and development

Longjia Micro Motor - Gold Partner




Longjia micromotor - DC motor, AC synchronous motor, AC asynchronous motor, AC single-phase series motor

he company was founded in May 1989, is a Sino-foreign joint venture, is a collection of design, development and production of DC motor, AC synchronous motor, AC asynchronous motor, AC single-phase series motor and other micro motor in one of the professional manufacturers, products are sold all over the country, and exported to the United States, European Union countries and Southeast Asian countries, product quality is in the forefront of the industry; The company has won the "National Advanced Award of Foreign Exchange Earning by Export", "National Foreign Investment Enterprise Double Award", "National Township Enterprise Advanced Export Enterprise" and other honors. It specializes in the production and operation of micro motors. The factory area is more than 25,000 square meters, with an annual output of 50 million DC motors and 5 million AC motors, with an annual output value of more than 10,000 yuan.


Motor bearing common seven failure reasons and solutions

Causes and solutions of common failures of motor bearings: 1, the retencher sound "hey..." : Cause analysis: It is caused by vibration and collision between reholder and rolling body. No matter what kind of grease it is, it is more likely to occur when bearing torque, load or radial clearance is large.