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Causes and solutions of seven common faults of motor bearings

Causes and solutions of seven common faults of motor bearings

Causes and solutions of seven common faults of motor bearings

(Summary description)电机轴承的常见故障的原因及解决办法: 1、保持器声“唏利唏利……”:   原因分析:由保持器与滚动体振动、冲撞产生,不管润滑脂种类如何都可能产生,承受力矩、负荷或径向游隙大的时候更容易产生。   解决方法:A、提高保持器精;B、选用游隙小的轴承或对轴承施加预负荷;C、降低力矩负荷,减少安装误差;D、选用好的油脂。   2、连续蜂鸣声“嗡嗡……”:   原因分析:马达无负荷运转是发出类似蜂鸣一样的声

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Cause and solution of common malfunction of motor bearing:

1, the sound of "hey hey and holder lee......" :
Cause analysis: by a retainer and rolling body vibration, impact, regardless of grease are how can produce, bear torque, load or the radial clearance large when it is easier to produce.
Solution: A, improve the retention of sperm; B, choose the bearing clearance of small or imposed on the bearing pre load; C, reduce the torque load, reduce the installation error; D, choose good fats.
2, continuous beep "buzz......" :
Cause analysis: Motor no load operation is issued a similar buzz of voices and motor occurred abnormal axial vibration, open or shut down a "buzz" sound.
Specific features: multiple lubrication state is not good, and the two ends of the ball bearings used in the motor, the main axis of the heart is not the performance of HERSHEY'S, the impact of the axial vibration of an unstable vibration.
Solution: A, good lubricating property of grease; B, and pre load, reduce the installation error; C, selection of radial clearance of bearings; D, improve the motor bearing rigidity; E, strengthen bearing adjustable mind.
Note: the fifth point play a fundamental role to improve, with 02 minor groove curvature, 01 groove curvature.
3, paint rust:
Cause analysis: because the motor bearing shell paint oil after drying, the chemical composition of the volatile corrosion of bearing the end of the bearing, the trench and the trench, so that the channel is corroded after the abnormal sound.
Specific features: the surface of the bearing after corrosion is more serious than the first surface.
Solution: A, the rotor, casing, drying or drying after assembly; B, to lower the temperature of the motor; C, choose to adapt to the paint types; D, improve motor bearing placed the environment temperature; E, adaptation of grease and fat cause little corrosion, silicone oil, mineral oil, most likely caused by; (f), collected by vacuum impregnation process.
4, impurity tone:
Cause analysis: the cleanliness of the bearing or grease is caused by an abnormal sound.
Specific features: occasionally I have no voice, when there are no rules, multiple in high speed motor.
Solution: A, the selection of good oil; B,, C, to improve the sealing performance of the bearing; D, improve the cleanliness of the installation environment.
5, high frequency, vibration and sound "Da da......":
Specific features: sound frequency varies with the speed of the bearing, the surface of the part is the main reason for the noise.
Solution: A, to improve the bearing raceway surface processing quality, reduce waviness amplitude; B, reduce bruising; C, correction clearance pretightening force and coordination, inspection free end bearing operation, improve shaft and bearing accuracy installation method.
6, heating:
Specific features: bearing operation, the temperature beyond the scope of the requirements.
Cause analysis: A, too much grease, lubricant resistance increases; B, clearance had caused by internal load is too large; C, the installation error; D, sealing equipment of friction; E, bearing the crawl.
Solution: A, selecting the right oil, appropriate dosage; B, modified clearance pretightening force and coordination, inspection free end shaft carrier conversion; C, to improve the bearing accuracy and installation method; D, improved sealing form.
7, bearing feel bad:
Specific features: with the hand bearing the rotating rotor bearing inside the impurities, block sense.
Cause analysis: A, the clearance is too large; with B, diameter and axis of the C channel, improper damage.
Solution: a clearance, as far as possible to be small; B, tolerance zone selection; C, improve the accuracy, reduce the damage to the channel; D, grease selection.
Key words: motor bearing; common failure; reason; solution
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